Public Administration and Globalization: A Synoptic Analysis of Global Public Policy?s Effect on the United States.

Public Administration and Globalization: A Synoptic Analysis of Global Public Policy?s Effect on the United States.EthicsThe project requires and annotated outline based on the subject matter questions listed below. The class is entitled quantitative and qualitative research and requires 5 sources using a qualitative research structure and 5 sources using a quantitative research structure in relation to the subject matter of the project.This paper will attempt to elucidate a bibliographic examination of the body of thought that contributes to the understanding and facilitation of globalization with respect to areas of governance and effects on US Public Policy. The paper presents the information that exists in a way that both furthers the understanding of the challenge with which the global community is faced, as well as highlights the areas in which further, comprehensive study, would benefit the successful transitioning of the inevitable; globalization?s far reaching influence on US public policy. The paper begins with an examination of the global infrastructure is necessary to support globalization, which is communication and technology. The paper then will delve into the levels of public administration, which in turn segues to the processes and the actual flow of the resources through the process, levels and means of transportation and technology. Further, a comprehensive thesis will be formulated delineating the effects of global public policy upon the US public policies.Research Questions:How does global public policy effect decisions in the United States?Will a global community enhance or detract the formulation and implementation of public policy in the United States?Does United States Public Policy influence the Global community in developing Global Public Administration?Is Global Public Policy having a derogatory influence on pragmatic thought in relation to the democratic enterprise?!

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