Public administration

Public administrationPaper instructions:1/2 to one page for each questionQuestion 1.In making decisions, American public administrators may have to choose between multiple types of ethical standards. These may include standards that are legal (following the law), organizational (policies and procedures), political (serving the ?public interest?), or personal (moral judgment) in nature. What are the major differences among these types of standards, in terms of the obligations, decisions and costs they might impose on an individual? How would you rank and prioritize them in terms of guiding behavior, and why? Please support your answer with substantive material from the readings.Question 2American public administrators will often have to confront ethical issues in a particular organization or political environment. How does the American civil service system (in which many public administrators function) shape and limit an individual?s ethical standards? What devices or practices has it created to guide ethical behavior? What are some useful tools for making practical ethical decisions in such an environment? In your opinion, which of these tools have superior value, and why? Support your answer with substantive material from the Rohr and Lewis texts.!

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