public speakingpick THREE spea

public speakingpick THREE speakers you would like to write about and watch their speech. (once you click the name of the speaker, there is a video of speaker you may watch). If you can?t watch them on TED website, type in youtube and watch, if you can?t find both on youtube and TED, pick the other person.***Review THREE speakers; One that is motivational, one political, and one in Business topic. compare their material, as well as their ability to incorporate humor, play true actions, use the full range of their voice and body, and hit operative words.AND make sure to write if there are ay "builds" (which is supporting their topics such as "listing" things ), "pauses" during speech and importance of pauses in his/ or her speech, and "cutback" (tone and speed) skills that you can identify.***Please review about your thoughts about speakers, which skill you liked or disliked.***This paper is not a research paper, write only based on your thoughts and what you feel and identify their speech skills. (DO NOT SEE OTHER PEOPLE?S REVIEW OR THOUGTS).!

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