Q 1. The Immigration Act 2014 has created legal uncertainty in the application and interpretation of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights towards immigrants and asylum seekers?. Critically examine the evolution of the right to family union under the European Convention of Human Rights 1950 in resisting deportation using relevant case law. Q2:Kazim is a Syrian LLM student at the University of London who participated in anti -war protests and was known for his strong views against UnitedKingdom foreign policy. Before completing his studies, in 2013, he went to Syria to fight against President Assad?s rule. He has returned to the United Kingdom disillusioned with his stint with the Islamic State, having entered Europe through Greece. He denies having been to France despite Ferry tickets from Calais to Dover with a smudged name. His immediate family too have fled to Syria and are in Italy at present seeking asylum. He says his girlfriend and LLM classmate lives in Birmingham but she is untraceable. Before the civil war broke out on Syria, he was a frequent traveller to Germany, having been there last in 2011 on a valid visa. Examine the various legal strategies under the Dublin Convention and the Human Rights Act 1998 to appeal against his imminent deportation order to France.Please the referencing is OSCOLA ,Word count is ( 1500 each),case laws, academic journals and research diary are required. Thank you, Law

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