Qatar national day 2015 celebration

admin | April 5, 2015 Qatar national day 2015 celebrationPaper details:National Day 2015Background: The Students? Club wants to host a National Day 2015 celebration where the general public (national and expatriates) of Doha will be invited to the campus for a day of fun and relaxation. In addition to sports (such as 5-a-side football, basketball free-throw shooting, and tug-of-war), the Students? Club would like to hold events for ladies, families, and young children (e.g. games where children can easily win prizes). Guests who want to just relax with their families can hold picnics on the university?s grounds, with food and drink sold from a wide variety of food stalls. The club is looking for a contractor who can take care of the whole program including publicity, events, entertainment, catering, transportation and parking, and clean-up. The choice of contractor should be based on the quality of the arrangements as well as the cost and when the payments are due.Part 1: The Request for Proposal ? you take the role of the Students? Club organizing the National Day function. Write a request for proposals (RFP) inviting qualified contractors to submit proposals to arrange the function. Include the usual contents of an RFP: a clear scope of work, detailed customer requirements, deliverables expected from the contractor, type of contract, the format and content of proposals, the deadline for receiving proposals and the evaluation criteria to be applied for comparing proposals. State clearly your preferences in terms of events, facilities, food, entertainment, prizes, etc.

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