Rabies Rabies is a infection transmitted to humans and certain other mammals by the saliva of an infected animal. Infection is through a bite or by skin or mucous membrane contact with infected saliva. The period of the disorder can be as short as ten days or as long as one year; the usual time is one to two months. A victim who is vaccinated shortly after the animal bite will be protected against rabies. If a victim is not vaccinated, death usually occurs within a week of the onset of symptoms. Animals that mainly carry Rabies are skunks, raccoons, bats, foxes, cats, cattle, and dogs. Most cases of rabies in humans are caused by bites from dogs while outside the United States. In almost 25 per cent of human rabies cases, the source of the infection is unknown. The dog is a relatively rare source of the disease, in large part because of the enforcement of animal control ordinances. The animal, even if a wild animal, behaves abnormally, often without fear of humans. Usually, it is extremely agitated and vicious, but this behavior is followed by gradual paralysis, that makes the animal move slowly. Infected animals may be active during daylight. These are ways to tell if an animal has rabies. The first symptoms are fever, depression, and increasing restlessness that turns into uncontrollable excitement. There is agitation which painful spasms of the throat muscles occur, accompanied by excessive saliva, which flows down the chin. Drinking even a sip of water produces spasms to your necks muscles, followed by saliva flow the name hydrophobia (meaning “fear of water”). If rabies is not treated promptly, death, from a combination of asphyxia, and exhaustion, usually occurs within a week. These are all symptoms of rabies. No real treatment or cure for rabies exists once symptoms begin to appear. Even with aggressive medical care and mechanical artificial respiration, only three people have ever been known …

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