Random Variables and Automating Guage Verification

Random Variables and Automating Guage VerificationOrder DescriptionEvents repeat themselves, such as going to work, producing a widget from machine X, selling widgets, etc. In these events there are outcomes that can be quantified or measured; e.g. the time it takes to drive to work, defective widgets, number of widgets sold each month. But these outcomes are not the same. The time it takes to drive to work can vary each day depending on a lot factors. And the same can be said of the other outcomes. Since we are not able to know the exact amount for these VARIABLES, we call them Random Variables. This is in contrast to known or fixed amounts, such as your weekly paycheck, the size of your shoes, etc. Random variables are random because there are factors at work in the process that affect the outcome. Yet, if we collect the data over time, we can calculate statistics about these variables, such as the average (mean) and variance.Discussion 1 Questions: what are some random variables that you experience in your daily life? Identify three of them and discuss how you would go about collecting data to determine the mean and variance. Be sure to make a good argument for your position.Readings: Required Readings / ResourcesAmerican Society of Quality. (2009) Excerpted from the ASQ Quality Costs Committee, Principles of Quality Costs: Principles, Implementation, and Use, Third Edition, ed. Jack Campanella, ASQ Quality Press, 1999, pages 3-5. Retrieved from https://www.asq.org/learn-about-quality/cost-of-quality/overview/overvie w.htmlThe Quality Portal. (2007). Cost of Quality Overview. Retrieved from https://www.thequalityportal.com/q_CoQ.htmKaner, C. (1996). Quality Cost Analysis: benefits and risks. Retrieved from https://www.kaner.com/pdfs/Quality_Cost_Analysis.pdfButhmann, A. (2009). Cost of Quality: not only failure costs, iSixSigma. Retrieved fromThe second part pushes the idea that it is better to automate gauge verification as much as possible, since humans make too many mistakes and cost too much to train and retrain on various gauges and standards. Consider, for example, Artificial Intelligence, or ?AI.? How plausible is it to deploy technology like ?AI? to fully automate gauge verification ? and why, or why not? Be sure to make a good argument for your position.In a 2-3 page paper support your response with evidence from the readings or other resources.

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