Rant on Homework Homework?Why do we have homework? I know that it i Essay Help

Homework?Why do we have homework? I know that it is the most essential part in kids life for education at least that is what teachers would say. But what is the reason for doing homework after school when you have been working hard all day. Therefore I feel that homework isn?t necessary because all it does is that it cause stress. Solving problem after problem reading chapter after chapter and studying for tests quizzes makes the students frustrated and that leads them to dropping out school as well. Moreover homework isn?t only wasting the student?s time but theRant on Homework teachers time as well. By marking and grading homework teachers are wasting their time. So teachers please don?t blame us the we wasted your time. Some people assume that homework is useful for teachers to watch student?s progress but I firmly believe that homework is sent home to test the parents not the children. I think that teachers can watch the student?s progress in school better because teachers don?t know that at home who did the homework the parent the student or the internet (Google)??????? People also think that homework helps parents to understand that the school holds high goals for students. But I consider that school work is harder than homework and that means that parents can understand that the school holds higher goals than they think. Furthermore homework becomes terrible if no one can help you. If no one can help you then you are doing work that you don?t understand and if you don?t understand it what?s the point having the work that you can?t even do. I really strongly believe that more kids would stay in school and have a better learning experience if they did not have the stress of homework. Lastly homework means more papers used which also means more trees to be cut down which will lead to the environment getting screwed over. To me homework is the cause of global warming. You think I?m kidding? No I am not. I?m being logical here. Think about it.”

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