RBV Analysis ? Tangible & Inta

RBV Analysis ? Tangible & Intangible Resources? Provide a description & analysis of each of the tangible resources (financial, physical, technological and organizational) of the firm ? Provide a description & analysis of the human, innovation/creativity and reputational resources of the firm ? Provide a description & analysis of the organizational capabilities of the firmValue Chain Analysis ? Primary & Secondary Activities? Provide a description & analysis of the primary value chain activities (inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales, service) of the firm ? Provide a description & analysis of the secondary / support value chain activities (procurement, technology development, human resource management, and general administration) of the firm Financial Statement Analysis? Anallyze the organizational drivers of profitability over 3 years and compare with industry standardsStrengths and Weaknesses? Based on previous analyses, assess the organization?s strengths and weaknesses against the building blocks of advantage: efficiency, quality, innovation, and customer responsiveness? Business format? Appropriate referencing / citations etc. ? Clear and concise presentation of material ? writing style etc. ? Maximum 5-7 pages plus appendices, cover page, etc.This assignment is the second part of the term paper. The writer did thefirst part which was kind of external. This one is the internal analysis and the financial statement analysis. I have uploaded the guideline for the assignment and as well the first part that he did.I have paid for 7 days , so the deadline is Thursday October 23 2014. Itwas showing me October 26 but Kelly the agent I spoke with on the phonetold me it would be adjusted once I paid . the payment is made..

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