Realignment of the Healthcare Market System

Write a paper about the Future of Managed Health Care Delivery Systems. This paper should work around this proposal (Managed healthcare in terms of the magnitude ofits development in the United States, along with the present criticism against it, ought to be looked at from the conventional system of healthcare in the UnitedStates (US). Generally, the cost of healthcare, inclusive of the costs of services and support in the long-term, are increasingly becoming a weigh-down on the middle-income level families, within all age groups at that. Wages have been lagging behind costs of healthcare not keeping up with the cost increments and more of thesefamilies are having difficulties in coping with higher premiums for health insurance along with higher expenses catered for out of pocket in case one becomes ill.Rising costs of health care are crowding out various other crucial prime concerns of workers, like their saving up for retirement or their setting of funds aside forcatering for their kids? college education.Employers? response to the increased costs of healthcare has been cutting back on wage increments, shifting increases in costs to employees, and/or altering theinsurance package/type that they offer. A continuance of these trends will put at risk many individuals who, in the course of their years while working, were in themiddle-class category; they would be at a risk of insufficient finances for maintenance of a lifestyle of the middle class in the course of their years duringretirement. Increased costs catered for out of pocket to beneficiaries of Medicare coupled with the frequent calamitous costs of support and services on a long-termbasis pose major hurdles to the security of the middle class (for retirees together with family members), who frequently end up as caregivers. The health careindustry?s future will be inclusive of an alteration from the approach of managed care whose basis is on injury to one focused more on the patient. It will put moreemphasis on appropriate care with services whose priority is the consumer; an all-day-all-night nurse triage is one example of such care.Regarding spending on healthcare, it is not easy to substantiate the persistent increase of spending on healthcare based on the unpresumptuous quality as well asoutcome gains that the US has attained over the recent years. Considering the fact that America?s scheme of healthcare is, by characteristic, market-based. I proposed arealignment of the market system in order to keep cost from increasing and costing healthcare to creep up leaving consumers with expensive manage care.)Your paper must address the following bolded topics, which should be titled appropriately in your paper:1.Include an Abstract which is a synopsis of the overall paper.2.Managed Health Care Quality should address such factors as whether or not patient health care needs and even preferences are being met; the care is right for theillness, care is timely, and unnecessary test and procedures are not ordered.3.Provider Contracting is when doctors and health care practitioners have a contract agreement through a third party payer to accept a specified payment for servicesprovided to patients.4.Cost Containment deals with managing the costs of doing business within a specified budget while restraining expenditures to meet a specified financial target.5.Effects on Medicare and Medicaid in managed health care appear to be moving in a direction where both types of recipients will be enrolled in some type of managedhealth care plan in the near future.6.The Future Role of Government Regulations, to include ERISA and HIPAA health care policies.7.Include Three Recommendations each, related to quality and change in Medicare and Medicaid managed health care plans

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