Realized This story “All the Years of Her Life”, written by Morley Callaghan, this story is about a young man named Alfred who gets caught stealing and for the first time he realizes all the pain he causes his mother. This story takes place in a drug store owned by a man named Sam Carr. Alfred is a worker at Carrs store. Alfred is leaving and Carr accuses Alfred of stealing a compact, lipstick and two tubes of toothpaste. Carr threatens that he is going to call the cops, but instead Carr calls Alfreds mom. Mrs. Higgins comes to the store real calm, its a surprise to Alfred and Carr. Carr and Mrs. Higgins have a long conversation and Mrs. Higgins gets Carr only to fire Alfred. Alfred and Mrs. Higgins walk home Mrs. Higgins is mad , but Alfred does not have a clue whats going on in her head. At home Alfred is sent to his room , not feeling any shame for what he did. When Alfred comes out to thank his mom for what she did, he sees his mom struggling trying to pour her tea and at that time he realizes how much pain he has put his mom through by her pouring her tea. I think that it is good that this happened to Alfred because maybe next time he will think before he acts. …

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