recognizing an opportunity and creating alternative options.

recognizing an opportunity and creating alternative options.Project description recognizing an opportunity and creating alternative options. Please complete the following activity:1. Pick one partner, preferably from this class. However if needed, pick a friend or co-worker to do this exercise.2. Pick one of the following topics that interests you and your partner:?Food?Housing?Poverty?Water?Communication?Peace3. Schedule a meeting ? virtual or face-to-face ? to have a discussion.4. Your assignment is to understand the problem surrounding one of the above topics in #2 (the problem?s context) by having a discussion with yourpartner. In addition, discuss who your possible stakeholders might be if you were to pursue this as an opportunity. Finally, use creation logic andprediction logic to discuss and create a few potential solutions.5. Individually, after you and your partner meet, write a 2 to 3 page word document and answer the following questions:?Who was your partner??What topic did you pick??What is the context of the problem or opportunity??List the possible stakeholders.?Briefly describe the potential solutions.?Provide an example of your group using creation logic.?Provide an example of your group using prediction logic.?What did you learn from this activity?:

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