reconstruction era

Reconstruction Era The Reconstruction period can be defined as the time after the Civil War when states were debating on what to do with a partially seceded nation. The Union, known as the North, wanted to come to agreements with the Confederacy, or the south, on how to successfully bring the states together again as one nation. There were many different opinions on how the states should be brought back into the union. The Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth amendments of the Constitution gave blacks their official rights within the Union. People in both the South and the North did not always agree with the states that they lived in. In some aspects, the postwar years were a period of remarkable economic progress for African Americans. Blacks had constructed an educational system to educate themselves. In all the madness throughout the Union and the Confederacy, everything that happened has played an important role in history. Everyone in the Reconstruction Era had an opinion on how and what to do to make things better within the states, some just shinned through more than others. …

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