Reflective paper

Reflective Paper I think that as a group our project turned out great. We made the time limit our script was good. I liked this project, I had fun making it and so did the rest of the guys in my group. I think that the class liked our movie and I know we all had fun making it. My role in the movie was mostly to film the movie. I shot all of the movie even when I was in it. I liked the role of filming it. I dont like acting; I hate being in front of the camera, so being able to film was good. The other guys in my group did a great job. Kevin did a good job as leader of our adventure, we had no problems with him and he also wrote out a lot of the script. He went through the movie and cut out things we didnt need. John did a great job when we were filming also. He was Loyd and he was one of the guys we picked up. He also had a lot of good ideas for the movie and he also helped write the script. Sean was also good we didnt have any problems with him. He didnt give many ideas but he went along with anything we wanted to do. He brought some of the props and was very helpful when we were filming. Benji also was a great help in filming he was the one who brought the camera, so if it wasnt for him we never would have gotten this done. Besides Kevin, Benji was the one who came up with a lot of the script and the scenes in the movie. I like to think that I had a lot to do with the movie also. I was the one who filmed it like I said, and I also had a few ideas for the movie, like the ax in the tree and the torches, just a few small things. I think that overall we all did the same amount of work and we were happy with the outcome. Our movie was good and we had fun doing it. It helped that everyone in the group got along and we agreed on what we wanted to do for our movie. I dont think that anyone outside of Kevin typing the script did more work then anyone. We were all in the movie and we all did a…

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