ReligionConduct an interview with a full-time or professional representative of a religion (priest, pastor, rabbi, imam, monk, nun, guru, etc.) who is knowledgeable about these matters on the position and views of her/his religion on the following questions:How does your faith and philosophy view the relation between humans and the natural world? Where do we fit and why? What duties, or obligations, if any, do humans have toward the natural world? How are these justified or explained? How is your faith responding through action and practical programs to the environmental crisis, from local issues to global warming? Write a report summarizing the responses to these questions and assessing their adequacy. Where do you agree and disagree? Why? Use concepts from the course in your responses to these questions. Your reflections on the interview will count more toward your grade than the interview itself. Since this report requires knowledge of the religion whose expert representative you interview, you should prepare yourself through background research and reading.:

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