Remote Management and Remote Assistance

Windows ITCase #6-1: Using the Window Network Diagnostic ToolActions for Case #6-1: Using the Window Network Diagnostic ToolA standard user is experiencing Internet connectivity issues. You have advised the user to run the Windows Network Diagnostic tool to repair the problem, to no effect. Diagnostics identify problems resolving host names and accessing specific services on remote computers. Explain what might be limiting the automated repairs associated with the Windows Network Diagnostic tool.Case #6-2: Setting Up an Event CollectorActions for Case #6-2: Setting Up an Event CollectorA remote engineering system fails intermittently. The helpdesk attempts to create an event collector to monitor specific incidents occurring on the remote system. The remote system is visible across the network, and you confirm that you can telnet to the system. An event subscription exists in the collector computer; the remote system recently rebooted, yet there are no events in the Forwarded Events log. Explain some of the steps that you might take to reach a working solution.Remote Management and Remote AssistanceActions for Remote Management and Remote AssistanceWhat is remote management?What is remote assistance?When would you use, or have you used, one over the other?!

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