Renewable energy in Australia ? wind farm controversy.

You will choose TWO related websites(including 2 ? 3 articles, 20 comments per article) for your content analysis. Your choice of online media for these topics must originate in Australia and must be in English. Choose sites (online news, social media, blogs, etc.) that offer significant opportunities for users to make contributions.You will need to find a series of at least 20(20 ? 30) exchanges per site that relate to your chosen topic. Your Content Analysis will then focus on these interactions.You are to do a content analysis of your selected topic by addressing the following criteria, etc. πŸ˜• Describe the two news site you have chosen, the function, the author/s, the intended audience, the types of topics usually covered, the degree of interactivity offered etc.? Discuss (check for the help you need) how would you label or classify the way the participants ?talk? about the topic over a period of time (several days would be ideal).? Select a series of at least 20 comments (maximum of 50) as the basis for your study. This will be a content analysis with a hypothesis etc. as outlined in the lectures and readings.? You should also consider the idiosyncrasies of the medium that the participants are using and how they deal with them.? You should make an assessment of your approach and suggest future directions for this research based on your knowledge of the subject and/or field from your reading.!

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