Replacement Of Main Aircraft Batteries In The HU25 Aircraft

Battery Replacement 1 INTRODUCTION: HU-25 AIRCRAFT MAIN DC BATTERY REPLACEMENT In todays aircraft it is essential we utilize the latest technology to eliminate costly maintenance procedures, safety concerns, and still maintain reliable performing equipment. The Tesla Dry-Cell battery is a candidate to replace the SAFT 2376 Nickel Cadmium (NICAD) battery presently utilized in the HU-25 aircraft. The Tesla Dry-Cell battery can meet all of the performance specifications of the SAFT 2376 NICAD battery. The Tesla battery also provides additional long term dollar savings, maintenance man hour savings, and safety benefits that are substantial enough to be considered as a viable replacement. METHODOLOGY FOR EVALUATING THE TESLA DRY-CELL BATTERY In evaluating the Tesla Dry-Cell Battery to determine if it is a suitable replacement for the SAFT 2376 NICAD battery I used several methods of gathering information. To determine if it met the performance specifications required I utilized Technical manuals on each respective battery. To determine if the Tesla battery will provide substantial savings in cost, maintenance man hour expenditures and areas of safety. I utilized the Federal Stock System price data base, Coast Guard (CG) Aircraft Computerized Maintenance System (ACMS), Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), and technical publication NAVAIR 17-15BAD-1, (1991) . I also utilized The Telsa Industries Inc. TI4676 Micro Power Unit technical publication, (1998). STUDY 1 Method Subjects. National Stock system prices for both the SAFT 2376 NICAD and Tesla Dry-Cell Battery. USCG HU-25 Prime Unit personnel for information on form and fit requirements to switch to the Tesla battery. Reviewed ACMS Battery Replacement 2 historical data base for replacement parts cost data on the SAFT 2376 NICAD battery. A Tesla Industries representative provided tesla battery overhaul costs data. Battery Unit Item Cost SAFT 2376 NICAD …

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