Research Areas : Entrepreneurs

Research Areas : EntrepreneurshipPROPOSED TITLE OF THE PROJECTPROJECT SUMMARYPlease give below a summary of the proposed project (500-1000 words max.). The summary must contain an indication of the research question/problem the project aims to address, the academic or intellectual context in which the proposed work is located and the methodology likely to be employed. An indicative Bibliography should be attached separately.Research QuestionsResearch ObjectivesResearch MethodologyLiterature reviewCase Study ApproachDevelopment of Conceptual ModelData CollectionData analysisList of ReferencesACTION PLAN:See Guidelines for completion for further detailsPlease give below:i A detailed action plan for the first twelve months of the programme, including details of the milestone objectives (specify actual physical outputs) and any ethical approval that will need to be sought.ii An outline plan for the remainder of the programme to completioniii A statement of how contact with the supervisory team will be maintained, agreed turnaround time for feedback and provision of face-to-face meetings.Action plan for the first 12 months:Action plan for the subsequent months (24 months)

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