Research Methods in Business

Research Methods in BusinessOrder Descriptionthere is the list of questions relating to independence (items 38-68) which are in the SPSS file.Go through the questions and identify which are normal worded and which are reverse worded Indicate on the answer sheet which are the reverse wordeditems.Then do a reliability test for all questions 38-68. Write down the reliability figure in the answer sheet.From the output, check from the column, ?Cronbach?s Alpha if item deleted? whether there is any reliability figure which is higher than the one youjust written down. If so, identify the question that needs to be deleted (by looking at the first colum of the ourtput). Write down the number ofthat question and the new reliability figure in the answer sheet.Name: _______________________Regn No: ______________________Questions for assignment 21. Number of male respondents: __________ (0.5 mark)2. Percentage of male respondents: __________ (0.5 mark)3. Number of female respondents: __________ (0.5 mark)4. Percentage of female respondents: __________ (0.5 mark)5. Average age of all respondents: __________(1 mark)6. Reliability score for Stress (items 13-16): _________ (1 mark)7. Reliability score for Empowerment (items 1-12): _________ (1 mark)8. Reliability score for Training (item 17-19): _________ (1 mark)9. Correlation between Empowerment and Stress: _________ (1 mark)[Total 7 marks]Q10 Problem:The reliability score for Independence (item 38-68) is -.505, based on the current data. This is obviously wrong as there is no such thing asnegative reliability. The problem has been identified as the error of not recoding reverse worded questions.Instructions: Please identify the reverse worded items and recode them and then compute the new reliability score for Independence.Answer:a) Recoded items are:_________________________________________________ ( 1 mark)b) New reliability figure is ______ (1 mark)Further Question: Can the reliability be further improved by deleting one of the variables?c) Answer: Yes/no (circle the correct answer) (0.5 marks)d) If yes, item ______ should be deleted and the new reliability figure is _______. (0.5 marks)[Total 3 marks]

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