Research Narrative

Research NarrativeWith the narrative example, present a brief story wherein you proved or explained a particular point. With the research narrative you will do the same thing, but in the context of added research. Whereas history books can record people, places, events and timelines, they often fail to create those accounts within a more human and social context. Consider John F. Kennedy. A quick search of Kennedy?s name will reveal all, right? We have names, dates, places, events?the most important, arguably, being Kennedy?s assassination. But much like the country song ?You Should?ve Seen It In Color? suggests, reading only the facts often fails to present the full ?picture? of what happened. Perhaps the easiest way to convey the feeling of a historical moment is to tell the story beyond its facts. Consider the context of Kennedy?s assassination, wherein a young girl remembers her teacher being called into the hallway to hear the news of Kennedy?s shooting. Upon her return, the teacher simply said, ?They?ve shot the president,? then she sat on the floor and cried. For all the stories of Kennedy being a great president, nothing supports that quite as well as the reactions to his death, as with this teacher. For this assignment, you will combine researched facts with human stories (even your own, depending on your topic) to create a more thorough picture of a historical event. Your task: prove the significance of a historical event using both research and narration. Provide facts about the event, and then place the event in the context of a personal story. To give you a bit more freedom of topic, ?historical? is not limited to government-themed topics. For instance, you can Discuss (check for the help you need) a historical moment in sports, music, film, literature, etc.Apply narrative and descriptive techniquesPerform research (books, articles, interviews, etc.)Incorporate research in narrative formatExplain the significance of a historical event using both research and narration.!

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