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Topic: Research paper AbstractOrder DescriptionLENGTH: minimum of 350 words and a maximum of 400 words.if it exceeds 400 words marks will be deducted.General Requirements:Write an abstract on the subculture you have chosen for your research paperAn ?abstract? provides a concise summary of a research paperPlease consult the research paper outline and grading rubric on cuLearnIn this abstract you will propose a plan for the forthcoming research paperDetailed Requirements:1) Research paper title (e.g., ?Folk Devils: Goths, the Macabre, and Stigmatization?)2) Name and briefly describe the chosen subculture (e.g., way of life, activities, practices, routines, habits, beliefs, ideals, values, norms, products, objects or material artefacts, forms of organization, relationships)3) Identify at least one relevant theory, concept, idea or issue from the course (e.g., stigma, anomie, the conquest of cool, working class, symbolic resistance, stereotypes), and use it to explain the connection between your chosen subculture and the mainstream culture that surrounds itFormat:STYLE: Students should adopt a formal tone and academic writing style. The best guide for the appropriate writing style are scholarly journal articles, such as the British Journal of Sociology or the Canadian Journal of Sociology. This is a tentative proposal designed to help you start the research process. Students can use this abstract in their final paper, but you are not obligated to use the topic or abstractFORMAT: Use the normal, ?default? page margins of one inch. The type should be New Times Roman, Verdana, or Arial. The size of the type must be 12-font. The lines must be double-spaced.REFERENCING: No references or citations required; please avoid direct quotes!

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