Research Von Doren’s views on Types of Knowledge

Order Description1. Identify a topic from lecture or reading in modules 1 or 2 that is of interest to you.2. Do a web search for sites on the Internet related to this topic. For guidance on how to research please consult Critically analyze which site or sites are most useful and relevant. The critical analysis should include attention (1) Sponsor of the site (2) Quality of content.4. Reflect on what I have learned and Identify questions for FURTHER RESEARCHIMPORTANTYour submission should include:(1) Paste a link to one Web Site related to the Topic discussed in lecture and textbook.(2) Explain Why this web site is of interest to you(3) Critically analyze the content of the site. This analysis should include an evaluation of the quality of content and analyze of any bias that is evident on thesite. Offer reflections on what you have learned from the the site and why it might be of value to you in the future.Grading criterial(1) Clarity in identifying student interest and purpose of the research.(2) Quality in explanation of interest and purpose of the research.(3) Alignment of interest of purpose of research(4) Quality of site selected(5) Quality of analysis(6) Quality in explanation and relevancy(7) Identification of new questions and areas of research!

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