English 3 Alan King Resolutions essay 1/6/00 We have just recently entered a new millennium. The start of a new millenium means to me a new start. I hope to turn my life around and try not to be so defiant, and just get along with everyone. So here are my resoultions for this year, the year 2005, and the end of the decade. My personal resolutions for this yearare not too complex. I hope to keep my grades at a sterdy grade somewhere around an A or a B. I shall follow through on this resolution by doing all of my class and homework and studying for all of my tests and quizes. Also I will start to pay attention more in class because that is the thing teachers hate the most. My other resolution for this year is to not be such an annoyance to my family, friends, and teachers. I will do this by just trying to be chill and not so hyper. Hopefully when I do this I will be more enjoyable to be around and liked more by my peers. The resolution I have choosen for the year 2005 is probably the samething that every other person in life wants. I hope to be finishing or finished with college. I hopr to have a steady good paying job so that I will be able to support myself, so I may stay in good health. To follow through on these resolutions I plan to stay on task all through schooling doing all assigned homework and studying for every test. I will use the skills I have to get a good paying job and work my way up in the management untill I can make a decent living. If I follow through on this resolution then I might actually have a chance in society and prove my peers who said I would never amount to nothing wrong. By the end of the decade I will be 27 years old. At this time of my life I hope to have a good healthy family, have a nice job, and live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood. To complete this resolution I will have to find a wife, and that…

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