Review of The Treaty Of Versailles

Studying the Treaty of Versailles form the side of the winning group may seem quite easy. Can a benefactor of the allied efforts actually review the fairness of the treaty in just and unbiased way ? This is what I hope to accomplish with my paper reviewing the treaty, and reparations held within. To start, I would like to review the sources I am currently using and their general ideas: The Treaty of Versailles: A Reassessment After 75 Years Boerneke, Manfred F., New York University Press, New York USA c. 1996 Mr. Boerneke starts his book with a straight review of the articles in the treaty and explains what each one of them means in general terms. After this review he gives yet another overview of the historical events which would later be affected by these articles; such as the massive increase in German nationalism under the Nazi regime and the German peoples anger towards the loss of the corridor lands along the border with France. As well, Boerneke talks about the ill effects of the treaty on Italy, after they lost land along the north they were promised in 1915. Overall this is a great book, and will be the primary source for my paper. The Failure of World War I Peace Blahut, Joseph, UNC Press, Chapel Hill, N.C. USA c. 1992 Mr. Blahuts review starts off with the general post-war standing of each nation , and the type of punishment they wish upon Germany. He talks more about Woodrow Wilson more than the rest of the allied leaders, discussing Wilsons poor efforts to find a point of compromise in the treaty, which in turn led to the massive emotional eruption in World War II. Most of his review covers the negativity which plagued Wilson throughout his journeys to and from Europe. His conclusion states that it was the American inability to find compromise in the treaty that eventually led to WWII through the increase of tension in Europe caused by the unfairness of Versailles. …

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