Review on The Prince of Egypt

A Review on The Prince of Egypt. On Friday, November 26, 1999, I sat down and viewed the entire movie The Prince of Egypt. This movie was about Moses and some of his life journeys. In this movie you see Mosess transition from living as the Prince of Egypt to being Gods deliverer and going against the Pharaoh to free the Hebrews out of Egypts slavery. This movie was excellent in the way it portrayed Mosess journeys and helped the viewer get a better understanding of all of the emotions that were taking place at this time. In the beginning of the story Moses was a newborn baby of a Hebrew family. At the time the Pharaoh had ordered that any son born into a Hebrew family must be thrown in the river as a means of execution. Mosess family tries to save him by placing him in a basket and sending him floating down the river, praying to God for his safety. His sister follows the basket floating down the river and sees that it floats up to the palace of Egypt where the Pharaohs wife finds him and decides to keep him as her own son. Mosess sister sees that he has reached safety and prays that one day they will be reunited. During the next scene Moses is playing with his brother, Rameses, riding all over the kingdom in chariots. They eventually destroy some of the construction and the Pharaoh reprimanded them both for their behavior. Moses knows that the Pharaoh usually puts dishonor on Rameses when he is troublesome, so Moses takes the blame to protect his brother from the shame. This scene depicts Mosess closeness with Rameses and the love he has for his brother. Moses then travels through the town and runs into his biological sister who tells him that he is a Hebrew. At first Moses does not believes her, but then he returns to the palace, finds his mother and she tells him the truth about his heritage. This upsets Moses because the life that he has grown up knowing, no longer feels like the …

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