Revolutionary Idea

Revolutionary IdeaOrder DescriptionThis is an opinion based essay on Revolutionary ideas, which are ideas that revolutionize society through social and religious reform or even technological advances. Some of these ?rogues? and revolutionaries had a major impact on the direction of their peoples and their cultures. Some, too, have had a lasting impact on cultures outside of their own and on the world more broadly.YOU MUST ANSWER THE FOLLOWING 3 QUESTIONS IN THE ESSAY:So here are the questions I want you to address. You are asked to respond to ALL these within an essay format:? Start with a introduction by talking about what reveloutionary ideas are, the move on to the body by answering those 3 major questions. Each question should be talked about in an indivual paragraph, do NOT combine all questions together. Make sure each question is answered in a separate paragraph and then end with a conclusion.EXAMPLE:1. Introduction2. Body paragraph about Question 1 (personal)3. Body paragraph about Question 2 (global)4. Body paragraph about Question 3 (future)5. ConclusionQUESTIONS:1. PERSONAL ? What revolution (cultural, political, physical, technological, religious or otherwise) has affected YOU (and/or your family) the most personally? Please describe this revolutionary event/series of events/idea, etc. and give some background (history) of how it came to affect you/your culture or family. Was it a gradual or sudden effect? Was it a welcomed or unwelcomed event/process? Is there another revolution on the rise that will soon affect you? (Describe as you like.)2. GLOBAL ? What, in your view, has been the most significant revolution (again, cultural, political or otherwise, as mentioned above) that has changed life on a global scale? If it is the same as the one you speak about above, tell me: has it affected ?the world? in the same way that it has affected you? What have been both the opportunities (positives) and challenges (negatives) created by this ?revolution?? (Again, describe as you like ? I?m giving you some ?free reign? here to Discuss (check for the help you need) ideas that move you, as you like.)3. FUTURE ?What, in your view, is one important, global revolution ?on the horizon? right now, one that hasn?t happened yet but that you see coming in the future? This could be a revolution in awareness or thinking, and not just an ?armed? struggle of some kind. Describe what the signs are that this revolution is coming (sooner or later, it doesn?t matter). What do you think has created or fuelled this future revolution? Is it primarily positive or negative in nature? What would ?the world? be like if this revolution succeeded? (Again, I?m giving you some freedom to talk about the issues and ideas that are of interest to you. Make it interesting for YOURSELF, and then it will be interesting to ME!)

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