Richard Nixons Administation

Richard Nixon On January 20, 1969, Richard Nixon was sworn in as the thirty-seventh president of the United States. Nixons vice-president was Spiro T. Agnew. His work as president started weeks earlier, before he even took office. Those weeks were spent choosing the people who would be in his cabinet. In 1969, one of the most urgent businesses facing him was finding a way to end the Vietnam War without allowing the government of South Vietnam to be defeated by Communists. Nixon decided to drop bombs on Cambodia. Some of the people in Congress were upset with his decision, saying that it seemed that he was making the unpopular war more widespread. Nixon answered that he was only trying to end the war swiftly. A year later he order troops to invade some areas in Cambodia where Communist troops were hiding in the jungle. This invasion started huge anti-war protests all over the United States. College students did most of the protesting destroying many college campus buildings by setting them on fire. The problem with the Communists in Vietnam had been past to Nixon by the three presidents before him, in which none of them could solve the problem. Another thing was the economy of America. Inflation was at very high levels. People were losing their jobs. Nixon unlike any other Republican president made a big announcement on August 15, 1971. The prices of all good and service, and the wages of most Americans, would freeze for a period of ninety days. During the ninety days, stores could not raise the prices of any items sold in the store. Also, workers could not ask for raises or higher salaries. After the ninety day period, Nixon asked all Americans to follow the changes in the prices and the salaries very carefully. This request to the people, sounded like Nixon was trying to run the United States like a Communist government. After World War II ended, no American presiden…

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