Richest Man in Babylon

Richest Man in Babylon1. Read the book in its entirety.2. FOR EACH CHAPTER WRITE A PARAGRAPH, which describes the main lesson or lessons the author is trying to get across and what you learned. Please DO NOT write a summary of the story. Just tell me what you learned. List the title of the chapter and beneath it write in sentence form, what you learned.3. This book is written mainly from a secular point of view. How do you reconcile the teachings in this book with the Christian viewpoint of gaining riches and wealth? Doesn?t the Bible teach that it is difficult for a rich man to make it to heaven? Is the plan taught in this book one that God could approve of? Please write a paragraph or two stating your beliefs on this subject. (Refer to Mark 8:36 and Mathew 19:21-24)4. The report should be at least three pages in length, single or double-spaced is accepted, proper writing and grammar conventions are expected!

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