Two Young lives that should not have been taking away from us. You never know what you have till it is gone and I think we take advantage to what we have, and they were something we thought we’d have here a lot longer, but we were wrong. They are out of our lives to quickly and physically, but memories we will hold on to for a life time. They are up in heaven looking down on us and still watching out. They were loved by more people than I think they knew. They were good guys, everyone gets into trouble, but they weren’t just trouble, the people who say they are didn’t know them. They always had a way of helping people even if it mente they were to get hurt they tried their best. They were too good to be true they were different. Though they acted just like any other young 19 year old guys, they like to go out and have fun with there friends and the girls. They where not supposed to leave this world yet and leave us. Though God felt it was there time, and someone decided to play God and take them away from us. That person didn’t realize they just weren’t hurting them they where hurting the people who loved them. Ave U FoReVeR….RIP to the true Ave U BoyZ Charlie and Anthony Twin~*3~ Twin Faith AlWaYs & FoReVeR Love always Tara Bibliography Please don’t be a cold hearted killer and not send this message on, let people know that these boys weren’t just two teens killed they where two special teens. Loved and there memories should be told to the world. Send On! …

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