RMS Titanic

The R.M.S. Titanic was called the ship of dreams, and some called her the unsinkable ship. It was the largest steam engine ever built in the world. She was the most beautiful and biggest ship ever to set sail to the sea. In the summer of 1907, Lord Pierrie, Harland & Wolf, J. Bruse Ismay, and White Star Line planned to build three giant ships (Olympic, Titanic, and Britannic). They were to be designed as the most luxurious ships in the world, and to be built with the finest woods and furnishings. They would cater to the rich and affluent that traveled the North Atlantic. The three ships would give customers luxury and they would travel at greater speeds than ever before. In March 1909, the keel was laid down for yard number 401, where the Titanic would be built. It took two years to complete the construction of the ship and cost approximately $7,500,000. She was 882.9 feet long, 92.6 feet wide, and weighted 46,329 tons. Titanic was the largest ship ever to be built by man in the world. Twenty- two tons of tallow, soap, and train oil were used to grease the slipway bed to coat and protect it against the enormous three-tons-per-square-inch pressure of the freshly painted hull. In January of 1912, sixteen lifeboats were installed, which later became a total of twenty lifeboats in all. There were three different types of lifeboats on the Titanic:14 wood lifeboats, 2 wood cutters, and 4 Englehardt collapsible boats. The capacity of the twenty lifeboats total was 1178, which would not save all the ships passengers if it were fully loaded (3547 passengers). In addition to the life boats the Titanic carried 3560 life jackets and 49 buoys. On the 3rd of February 1912, the gigantic ship dry-docked at the Belfasts Thompson Graving Dock. In March the engineering crew began to assemble in Belfast…

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