RocknRoll Lifestyle

The bonfire is engulfed in twenty foot flames, the hottest its been all night. Youre standing on center stage with four of your best friends, and there are over 200 people partying, waiting for the band to start. This is it, you think, Here we go again! Your night consists of live music, making new friends, confirming old ones, drinking, partying, and just plain having fun. But this type of lifestyle isnt all that its cracked up to be. A Rock-n-Roll lifestyle can be extremely harmful to ones social and family life, their responsibilities as they grow up and mature, as well as to their physical and mental well-being. One common trait that many people with the Rock-n-Roll lifestyle share is the I dont care about ANYTHING attitude. I started to develop this attitude early on in life, originating in eighth grade at Houston Jr./Sr. High School. The school itself was an enormous influence because at that time the majority of the students were pot-smoking stoners. Coming from an elementary school atmosphere of about 100 people where everybody knew my name and being dropped into a 1,500 person high school didnt help matters much either. I still wanted everybody to know my name. Leather jackets, flannel shirts, baggy pants and multiple chains of all different shapes and sizes was what my wardrobe consisted of (the primary color being black). I strived to be different. I wanted to stick out in a world of millions of people. Even after 5 years of band, I quit because I felt not that I was a percussionist, but a drummer. I didnt want to play the bells, I wanted to be a drummer in a heavy metal band. The greatest influences in my life, besides Houston, were mainly family and friends. Chrissy, my older sister, was always a grade ahead in school, so typically she was exposed to things first. She then would take the honor of exposing those things to me. Many of my frien…

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