Rocky Mountain National Park

1. AuthorWho wrote the book? An individual, co-authors, historical society? What, if anything, does the book say about the authors background and qualifications?2. ScopeWhat geographical area did the book encompass area did the book encompass? Natural Areas, neighborhoods, communities, towns etc? What time period did the book cover?3. OrganizationHow was the book arranged? Were topics presented chronologically, thematically or in another way? Was the story easy to follow or confusing and why?4. SummaryList 9 key events/developments in the location addressed in the book listing dates and brief explanations of the importance of each (Use Bullet points). What larger Colorado History themes does the book touch upon (Native Americans, Mining, Rail Roads, Tourism, Ranching, Fishing, Hunting etc)?5. ImagesHow does the books ?Cover Image? preview its contents? Were all images historical photographs, or did it include other sorts of images (Maps, Postcards, Drawings etc)? Did captions address more than who/what/where/ and when of the images? Give Three examples of captions that provided information beyond simple identification (summarize if lengthy).6. Historical FiguresWho were some of the key players in the local history and what did they contribute? Include the founders of towns, important businesses, community leaders etc. Were any famous historical people mentioned in the book?7. OpinionWhat did you think of the book? Describe the writing styleWhat could the writer/s have done better? Was there plenty of material (both images and facts) to justify an entire book or was there much redundancy and uninteresting information? List the three most surprising things you learned from this book. Overall was it an interesting read or not and why?

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