Roman Coliseum

1. If I could be any one of the characters in the book The Outsiders, I would be Ponyboy because of his many good characteristics. He is intelligent which show by his good marks in school. He understands that its wrong to fight unless for self-defense. He is heroic; this shows by the fact that he ran into the burning church to save the children at the risk of his own life. Also, he has a bright future and many opportunities in his life because of his school grades and good-natured personality. These characteristics are what separate him from the other greasers and are also why I want to be like him. 2. It is five years after the worst week in Ponyboys life and many things have changed. Ponyboy has finished high school with top marks. He has quit smoking and is an all-star runner for the track team and was voted most likely to succeed. He has been offered several full scholarships to some of the best colleges in the country. Him and his brothers moved out of the city after Ponyboy finished high school and Darry decided to go to college. Ponyboy has learned that good things can come out of bad lives and has stayed gold. 3. I think the title of the book The Outsiders is a very good title considering the book itself. I think that the title described two people. I think Ponyboy is an outsider because hes not like the other greasers. He is not a hood because hes smart, level headed, and caring. Hes not tough like Dally because he picked up the glass from a bottle that he smashed. He also is one of the only greasers with a bright future; his education will take him far in life regardless of where he grew up. Also, Randy is an outsider. Randy is not like the other socials. He understands that fighting wont solve anything. He also doesnt hate all of the greasers just because everybody else does. He is a bright boy and finally understands that socials and greasers arent as different…

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