Rule of reason analysis

Rule of reason analysis1. In this community, there are two hospitals five miles apart that offer similar services to cancer patients. Explain how the competition laws affect these two hospitals and create a strategy to prevent the hospitals from getting into legal trouble.The management team of True Memorial Hospital has decided to acquire the stock and assets of Merriam Memorial Hospital. If you were part of this team, determine how you would position the merger in your marketing plan to ensure that the competition laws were upheld.2. Synthesize the meaning of rule of reason analysis. When should the rule of reason be applied? Provide an example.Speculate on what activities may bring antitrust concerns to health care organizations. Analyze how effective the activities have been in reducing the rising cost of health care in the United States.3. Allegations of illegal kickbacks, false claims, billing for unnecessary tests, and false claim reports have become common in health care. Discuss the statutes that have been put in place to reduce fraud and abuse in health care today.Explain how the Affordable Care Act affects the statutes and the implications for at least two different types of facilities.? 4. From the case study, analyze the United States v. Gerber Case and identify what legal statues are being applied.As a health care administrator, you find out that some of your physicians are referring Medicare patients to receive designated health services. Assess how the law has been broken and what actions should be taken to prevent this from happening again!

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