Rulers from Asia

Rulers From Asia After the fall of the Middle Kingdom of Egypt a group of nomadic people from Asia invaded and captured Lower Egypt. These people were called the Hyksos. Egypt lacked a standing army and their weapons were far inferior to that of the invaders. The weak rulers of the Thirteenth Dynasty led to an internal struggle within the government, thus ripping the empire into many small factions and leaving it open to attack. During this time a group of peoples from Asia immigrated to Egypt and slowly began to take-over the now divided government. This led to the separation of Upper and Lower Egypt. Though the Egyptians learned many new technologies, they still did not want the Hyksos in their lands. The Egyptian Pharaohs vowed to lead their armies to regain control of their lands, and expand their empire. Egypt, having a series of weak rulers, led to internal fighting which weakened the country. Egypt also had no standing army and its protective borders no longer a threat to invaders, a group of people from Asia the Hyksos, immigrated to Egypt, using their superior weaponry they took power and ruled Egypt for about one-hundred and fifty years. The Pre-Dynastic period, pre 3150 BCE was a period of time when the nomads of Egypt started to settle, become farmers and build towns. Around 3150 BCE, Egypt was joined together under the rule of one pharaoh, Narmer, who for the first time in Egypts history ruled both upper and lower Egypt as one. Between the years 2700-2190 BCE, referred to as the Old Kingdom or as the Pyramid Age, was a time in which strong ruling families or dynasties were in power and ruled the land jointly. This was a time when the construction of the Great Pyramids on the Giza Plateau took place, including the Step Pyramid for King Zoser and the three large pyramids for the Kings Menkaure, Khafre, and Khufu. With the fall of the Old Kingdom around 2190 BCE, began a series of five dynasties that were mo…

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