Russian revolutions

Modern History oral task. The word at the beginning of the 20th century Russian Revolutions. Tsar Nicholas II Nicholas inherited the role of Tsar off his father in 1855, when his father Nicholas I passed away. Tsar Nicholas did not have the abilities to be a natural autocrat. He considered it his duty to act as autocrat. Nicholas tried to keep power. This produced a highly inefficient form of government and the First World War threw these weaknesses into sharp relict. By the end the Tsar had managed to ensure his isolation from virtually all sections of Russias society. Nicholas had the backing of a large and inefficient bureaucracy, but remained supreme. The state police and the army enforced his will, and his officials controlled education and censored the press. A duma, or parliament, was set up but the Tsar was able to appoint and dismis ministers at will. After the attempted revolution in 1905, in which there was many assassinations of ministers and members of the royal family Tsar Nicholas showed no indication to carry out reforms. Tsar Nicholas was an unintelligent family man who was completely unsuited to being the autocratic ruler of 140 million people. Nicholas was easily influenced by others and he lacked the determination to carry out serious changes in Russia. Tsar Nicholas believed that it was his duty to pass on the power he had inherited to his son. Nicholas married Alexandra, who was a Granddaughter of Queen Victoria. She was believed to be a German spy. She was also believed to have had an affair with Gregory Rasputin. The Tsar was under great influence of the Tsarina. Tsar Nicholas was killed, with his family, on the 2nd of March 1917. Nicholas II inherited from his ancestors not only a giant empire but also a revolution. And they did not bequeath him one quality, which wo…

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