Saginaw MI

Saginaw, Michigan Welcome to my hometown of Saginaw, Michigan. I loved growing up in this great city and so did my family. Saginaw has an abundance of history with its lumber, automobile plants, and shipping. I chose a website by the name of Saginaw County, Michigan. It has the best accuracy of all the websites that I looked at throughout the infoseek search engine. A corporation by the name of Multimag Michigan maintains this site. They have a lot of sites about the different cities throughout Michigan and since Saginaw has lots of history to go along with it, they chose to write an article on it too. The authors of the site go into some good detail about the history of Saginaw. It’s not quite as good as a novel, but it gives you a good base and some very interesting facts that you might not know. Since the corporation that made the site is widely known and does lots of research about the state, they are very creditable. Everything that was stated on the pages, including the links, was accurate to my knowledge and I’ve done reports on our city in the past. All the information within the site was about Saginaw, Michigan. There were links on the side of the homepage to go to other sites, but it mostly had to do with Saginaw. The authors showed an abundance of photo shots of historical buildings and places throughout the site. The site was easy to understand, the information was clear, and it was easy to move within the site. There were some quick access hyper-links to other sites that had to do with Saginaw and there was also internal links to other pages that were about Saginaw. All in all, I believe that this was a fun site to learn from because it was easy to move around, and it was accurate. I enjoy learning about history and this was a great site to do it from, especially since it was about my hometown, in which I already have some knowledge about. I liked how it discussed the lumber, fur tradi…

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