Said Oxford ? Admission Essay EMBAOrder Description1.outline your career objectives and explain how the Executive MBA would help you achieve them. Approximately 500 wordsCareer Objective? Lead a management team? Promote to C-level in current company? Career change to take over family?s public listed company2. If we asked your closest associates to describe you, what would they say? Which adjectives would they use and why? What would they say are your strengths and weaknesses? Approximately 500 wordsSee attached reference letterStrength? Self motivated? Honest ? I don?t afraid of saying the truth and give the right information.? Optimistic? Adaptability? Self confidence.? Positive attitude.? Good team work.? Good listener and learner.Weakness? Straightforward? It is hard to me to say no if anyone ask for help.3. Describe an aspect of your organisation which could be viewed as ?problematic?. Briefly outline three different action plans which could be implemented to deal with the issues involved, assessing the advantages and disadvantages of each. Maximum 2,000 wordsHuman Resources / People

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