Same Sex Marriages

Same-Sex Marriages Alex knows that his family is unusual, to say nothing about his conception. In 1982, a family friend bicycled an oyster jar of his own sperm over to Bonnies’ [Tinker] house. [Bonnie] She administered the insemination herself. Alex [Tinker] considers Bonnie and Sara [Graham] his parents. But the father occasionally takes Alex–along with his own children–hiking or biking (Shapiro and Gregory 2). This example is a prime reason of unacceptable behavior carried on by same-sex partners in todays society. According to the many religious beliefs, same-sex marriages are immoral and sinful. It is understandable that not all people believe this statement, and we do have freedom of religion in the United States of America. One must see this issue from the point of view of a homosexual in order to fully understand the many controversies present in todays society. Being gay and loving another person is not illegal, but uniting that couple in marriage is rejected by most of society. Many people are unaware that legalized homosexual marriage is a probability, nor are they aware of the nearness of this situation. As things stand now, there is a better than 90% probability that homosexual marriage will be legalized (New Storm Brewing 1). Courts in Hawaii would not allow same-sex marriages, and that is now being looked at as unconstitutional. Disallowing these marriages is discrimination against homosexuals, which is a non-constitutional act. Even though same-sex marriages are considered immoral by the many religions, according to our laws there is no reason why these marriages shouldnt take place. Although laws do not make same-sex marriages illegal, there should be limitations. Same-sex marriages should be examined because they often wrongfully affect the well being of children, jeopardize the nature and rights of modern families, and wrongfully disobey many religions. Marriages of …

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