Same Thing Different Price

Same Thing, Different Price What can I say about college life? It is one of those times where you will spend the most money you will ever spend in your life. It becomes even more expensive when you have to pay out of state fees. Out of state students should not have to pay for these fees. Simply because the students are paying for the same classes that the in state students are paying for. When you go into a store and the clerk asks you what state you are from before you buy something so he can charge you an out of state fee if you are not from that state would you take offense? In other words why should what state you are from determine what you pay for? This makes a person feel as if you are not from this state you are not special and if you are from this state that you have special privileges in how much you pay for education. I believe that anyone who wants something should pay the same amount for it as the next person. This thing is also very unconstitutional. All people are the same and should not have these kind of special privileges. The tuition is already high for each class. If you had to commute from another state you are already spending money moving and out of state fees range anywhere from $3,000 to $4,000. In the long run these schools will not have some of the good students because it will get too expensive and students will not want to pay and would rather stay in their state so that they wont have to pay for those ridiculous fees. What are the fees going towards? In closing I would like to say why should a person from another state from which they are in pay more for anything just because they are not from that state. Everything should have a set price no matter where you come from. This is no different from discriminating on age, sex or religion, which is stated in the constitution and should not be discriminated against. If every thing in life were different for each person because of a certain thing then…

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