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Everything from law to politics is going down hill. Nobody has any backbone in today’s world. There is murder, rape, gangs, and all kinds of other inhuman acts around every street corner. Which in turn, is filling up the jails and mental wards. The problem of committing a crime has been around since the beginning of time, since Eve convinced Adam into taking part of a crime that she had already committed. By nature, humans are competitors and we always want more of the things that give us the most pleasure. Therefore some of us try and bypass the law to get what they desire. The attempt at solving this problem in the last decade has been very minimal, down right pathetic. The law tries to set longer jail times, but more often than not criminals get out earlier than their maximum sentence was for. Due to the fact of good behavior or the jail is over crowded. The criminals that get out earlier, because of one reason or the other think that they have cheated the system, so therefore really didn’t learn anything from their jail time. Then the Government can’t figure out why these people, called 2nd of 3rd etc. offenders, end up back in jail sometimes for a more heinous crimes that before. What I think should be done with all of this nonsense is simple. Just do as the Bible says eye for an eye tooth for a tooth. It will save the taxpayer millions of dollars, and put a fear into the potential criminals causing them to think before they act. For example, if Joe Bob kills someone by using a handgun, then he should be tried and if convicted be put to death by using a handgun, use the same one for all that matters. One bullet is a lot cheaper than the Gas chamber or Electric chair. The effects of Capital punishment are that people don’t want to lose their loved ones, event though they have committed a heinous crime. Convicting someone to be put to death is costing the government and the taxpayers tremendous amounts of money. By usin…

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