Samuel Gompers Vs Terence Powderly

Samuel Gompers and Terence Powderly Samuel Gompers and Terence Powderly have some things in common, as well as different. Samuel Gompers was born in London, England on January 27, 1850. When he was only ten years old, He dropped out of elementary school to be a shoemaker. When he was thirteen years old his family moved from London, England to New York. He then became an immigrant cigar maker when he was fourteen years old. He did this because he wanted to help his father make and sell cigars. After living his wonderful life, he died in 1924. Terence Powderly was born in Carbondale, Pennsylvania, 1849. He attended school until he was 13 years old and had a job as a railroad worker. He later became an apprentice to a machinist, and in 1871 he joined a local chapter of the Machinists and Blacksmiths International Union. In 1879, the head of the order of the Knights of Labor, Uriah Stephens, retired. Terence then was rewarded the leader of the Knights of Labor, an all-exclusive union found in 1869. Terence Powderly died in 1924. The similarities of Terence and Samuel are that they both were involved with labor unions. They both needed money to support their families and themselves. They each dropped out of school at an early age. Both started strikes for better working conditions and higher pay. They both were fired from their jobs because of this cause. They both were respected in their high positions. Samuel became the President of the United States and Terence became the leader of the Knights of Labor. Some of the differences were that Samuel dropped out of school at the age of ten years old to help his father with the cigar business. Terence dropped out of school at thirteen years old to get into the railroad business. They had different ideas on the effect of a strike. Terence was afraid of starting a strike because he felt he would not win and was more comfortable using the boy…

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