The Medieval Era saw the emergence of two distinct warrior classes in Europe and Japan. These were the Samurais and the Knights. They were marked in history as a code for courage and sacrifice. Never had the world seen such courageous and dedicated military class before them. Although, they represented two different cultures; they were similar in several ways. The Samurais were the military class warriors of Japan. These warriors acted as retainers to greater lords, fighters, and the enforcers of policy and morality. Their importance and influence grew during the Heian Period (794-1185) when the powerful landowners hired them for the protection of their properties. The knights on the other hand were the most significant figure of the feudal system of the European Middle Ages. The word knight derived from the Old English word cniht, the equivalent of the Latin word caballarius, meaning horseman. The Knights duty was very much similar like the Samurais. They were hired to protect land and the people. Ironically, the Samurais and the Knights came from noble families, since horses, armor, and weapons were costly and their use required long training. They stood at the top of the social hierarchy and had many privileges. On the other hand, they was supposed to be a good example to the lower classes and had to follow the principles of their religion. The samurai’s and Knights most important principles are unlimited loyalty to his master, extreme self-discipline, and brave, selfless behavior. These great warriors had one aim; to serve their lord and be successful. The Japanese Samurai and Western European Knights were similar in their approach to conflict. They fought for their position status and to gain ones aim. A Knights appearance on a battlefield was very similar to that of a Samurai. A Knight in armor would present a very strange appearance on a modern battlefield. His pr…

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