Scuba diving its dangers and rewards

Scuba Diving: The Dangers and Rewards Scuba diving is a sport in which you can lose yourself in the surrounding beauty of the underwater world and even escape gravity for a short time. While submerged you can wander among kelp forests or (if youre daring enough) even swim with the sharks, you could also find a small fortune in Spanish Ducats or totally use yourself in the underwater realm. Though some may say that scuba diving is an extreme sport and that its too risky for anyone or that its a sport purely for wild hooligans diving is a safe and enjoyable hobby despite the risks involved which if proper precautions are taken can be greatly diminished. Havent you ever wondered what it would be like to swim underwater with the fish? Though going below the water is little like being above the surface. While your body is submerged there are forces and laws that dictate how your body will respond to being under such pressure. The first rule regarding the water pressure put on the air spaces in your body is Boyles Law. This law states that as the pressure increases on a given mass of gas the volume will decrease. This explains the popping sensation you feel when in an airplane and the squeeze you feel as you go underwater. Another law of physics that applies here is Daltons Law of Partial Pressure. This law states that the pressure of mixed gases is equal to the pressure exerted be the individual gas, so if a mixture is say 5% carbon dioxide then it would account for 5%of the total pressure of the gas. Because of this law the concentration of harmful gases must be less when you are underwater otherwise you will be poisoned or feel the effects of the gases as they would be at much higher concentrations. And the final law that governs over your body while diving is Henrys Law. Quite simply, it states that you can dissolve more of a gas into a liquid at higher pressures and the exact opposite a…

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