World Without Love The Poems My Last Duchess by Robert Browning and Musee des Beaux Arts by W.H. Auden describes how people dont care about each other and that world is cruel. In My Last Duchess the guy is talking the messenger from the duchess about how he killed his wife and was happy about it, whereas in Musee des Beaux Arts the kid is dying in water but his father or not even the people in the ship care about him, they just let him drown in the water and lastly the poem The Sick Rose by William Blake has perfect metaphor reflecting the behavior and feeling of a human being by comparing love to an invisible worm, which destroys people lives. This three poem reflects people just dont care about each other and people have lost the meaning of love. In My Last Duchess the guy is describing to his how he killed his ex-wife and that he was happy about it. He liked a girl and girl was beautiful and young. She liked to flirt around and liked everything in this world. She liked all men and women. She smiles at everyone and like everyone around her. She smiled at the guy too but he is not happy about it because he thinks that she is his woman and she should not look at anyone else except him. Even the guy said to the messenger that, Willt Please you sit and look at her? (Browning 550), which shows she was beautiful and ones eyes would just stare at her for a long time. He also said, Her mantle laps Over my Ladys wrist too much, or Paint Must never hope to reproduce the faint Half-flush that dies along her throat Parekh 2 (Browning 550) which shows she was courteous, disciplined and beautiful. She had a good heart, which loved everyone and made everyone glad but the author did not like the fact she considers everyone same as him and that she does not pay more attention to him than others. The author also gave her a gift but she consid…

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