I came across an idea that was proposed to me by one of my fellow students. In our school as you know we have at least one and in some cases two printers per classroom. Since our school is fast-paced we need all the equipment to be working properly at all times As everybody at Heald knows we have Mr. Armani and his team who usually take care of any problems that we encounter with our printers. As we know Mr. Armani is not always available to fix every problem at ever second of the day. Some of the problems are paper jams, there are at least three to four ways to get a paper jam. Usually it is a simple reset of the printer display panel or even just opening the rear door panel and closing it that will clear the paper jam. The problem is mostly that when a paper jam happens there is no one there to help fix it. And when you go to get help you usually have to wait for that person to come to your area and help you, this usually takes a while. In order for us to get help at every minute of every day, our school would need to hire more people in the IT Dept. this costs allot of money. To save some money our school could just have a manual made to explain the basics of the printer there for saving the school hundreds of dollars a month. The objective in this case is to have a manual for each Printer that is at Heald College. The goal is to keep our fast paced environment, fast paced and at the same time keep the costs down. The solution, I would have to propose a manual as the answer to this problem. This manual will include step by step instruction and pictures to help the user. Making the manual user friendly. Also it would give the user a different way of thinking when a problem arises, instead of lets get MR. Armani. A simple over view of my manual is as follows. It will let anybody, who can read and interpret what they have read, figure out a simple p…

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