Security SurveyProject descrip

Security SurveyProject descriptionSee the attachment below.Use any resource that you choose to complete the questions in the attachment. Provide well thought out and comprehensive responses to each question along with the applicable substantiation for the answers.You may use any resource that you choose to complete the questions below. Provide well thought out and comprehensive responses to each question along with the applicable substantiation for your answers.1. You have been given security responsibility for a manufacturing plant that is composed of one building on a large piece of property in an urban environment. Your first task is to conduct a security survey. Identify everything that you will do to execute this activity to include such things as how the survey should be constructed as an inspection tool, who should be part of the process, and risks that you would anticipate identifying.2. Your security survey reveals the following:? There is one gate that allows all access to the property? There are two employee entrances to the building? There are 25 emergency exits? There are 10 dock doors for shipping and receiving? There is one area where sensitive production occurs that utilizes critical trade secrets developed by your organization? There is one room that contains all of the IT infrastructure for your plantDescribe the strategy that you would use to establish a physical security system to include such things as cameras, door contacts, alarms, and access control.3. Your security survey reveals the need to have security officers. The posts include two employee entrances, a front gate, and a security officer who will patrol the facility and surrounding grounds. Please describe all of the issues that will be associated with staffing these positions with proprietary security officers.4. Based on the information provided in the question above, provide a 7-day schedule in chart form that you would utilize to cover all of the posts based on hours that you will have each post occupied. Be sure that your schedule takes rest and lunch breaks into consideration. Finally, identify how many part time and full time security officers you will need and how many hours each one will work over the 7-day period.5. Assuming that your 7-day schedule can be utilized on a repetitive cycle each week, establish an itemized annual budget that you would submit to upper management to fund your program. Your budget should take the following into consideration:? Wages and fringe benefits for the number of proprietary security officers that you have identified? Operating expenses? Capital expenses? One avenue of revenue that you could generate in your organization

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