seeing tv

I have watched television on many occasions throughout my life. When I was growing up I watched TV to pass the time on days when I could not go outside, and the whole day I would complain to my parents that, “there is never anything fun to do in the house.” As a child I would sit down in the family TV room watching, what I now consider, mindless shows for hours upon end. I did that to relieve the current state of boredom that I was in. Little did I know that those wasted hours I spent in front of a box would shape some of my outlooks on people and life for the future. I did not come upon this realization until I started attending classes in the beginning of this semester. Through the readings, movies, lectures, and this project I came to realize that I was and am just as impressionable as the next person is when it comes to TV. Between counting the technical events that occur in a TV program and watching programs without turning on the sound I came to the realization that all things portrayed on TV are seen as entertaining. If everything is entertaining it becomes harder to decipher which aspects are real, if any. To watch a television show and attempt to count the technical events is not an easy task. I say attempt because it is difficult to catch all of the technical changes. If your attention is averted for a second it is likely that you will miss an event. While doing this I watched a sitcom and for the ten minutes that I paid attention to strictly technical events I could not follow what was occurring in the show. I counted a total of two hundred and seventy five events in a ten-minute span of the show. That total is not including the commercials, which take up a majority of the half-hour time slot that the sitcom runs in. There are so many camera angles for a conversation between two people; it is amazing how often the camera Masterson 2 zooms in and out. While concentrating on just technical …

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