self-assessment letter

Introduce Your Portfolio:o Provide a short summary and explanation of the writings that you have completed in this class this semester. What are they about? What was the purpose of each assignment?o How has your view of writing/reading changed since you started this class? How have you changed/progressed as a writer and a reader this semester?Your writing process this quarter:o What do you do when you write a paper? What strategies do you use?o What have you learned so far? How did you learn it?? What activities helped you?? What strategies seemed to help you the most? Why?o How do you think your writing process will help you write in other classes?o What do you do well? What will you need to improve?Evaluate (judge!) the essays you will turn in in the portfolio (Literacy Narrative, Website Text Analysis, and Evaluation Essay). For each essay, answer these questions:o What does this essay show about your writing?o What changes did you have to make as you revised it?o Why did you make the changes that you did?o Are you happy with your final draft? Why?Evaluate your experience in the courseo What things were helpful?o How do you expect to apply the skills from this course in future classes?

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